Monday, October 26, 2009

STAGE TWO: back to work you slobs

well, its back to work on the ole ironman thing.

ran about 5 yesterday to get it started. my foot still hurts from the pothole disaster and it pretty much didnt like the run yesterday, but i guess we cant wait around for a sore foot. so off we go for the next stage.

which is STAGE 2.

Stage Zero started in January. it was just biking and running and not even a trip to the pool. i mentioned i wanted to do the ironman and resa said she would do it with me. so mostly we biked and signed up for the 200 mile bike ride. which went pretty well. we are as i said mostly bikers that want to run. so we had some good biking days and i ran my weight from about 218 down to about 208 and that was stage zero.

Stage One started the week after the bike ride. we started running. signed up for our first marathon ( well mine anyway ) and mostly ran. with some swimming thrown in. i went from a max of 40 yards distance swimming to a one mile in 45 minutes. also my weight went from 208 to about 199 on marathon day. our cruising times for the half marathon went from 2:50 in the early summer to 2:25 on marathon day with i would guess a 2:15 half marathon good time now.

Stage Three, the current starts today ( after week off ) and goes till january 11, 2010. this is the Goofy 40 mile run over two days. a half marathon on saturday and a full on sunday. not really a huge difference, but we hope to set personal bests both days which is a HUGE goal we think. i am very certain we can set the saturday best half marathon, we could probably do that next week. but to come back a morning later and run a marahon in under 5:12 is going to be very very hard. so thats our goal. and so the big running section starts now. we hope to do a lot more runs per week. going from our lame 2 runs a week to about 4. with a lot of running on sat-sun too. the bike is in the garage for most of this. they come back out on the trainer in january like last year. also i am going to up my swimming. with a goal to swim the 2.4 miles in 1:45.

Stage Four will start in january/february and go 24 weeks to the Ironman. i dont look forward to that guy right now! LOL. should be a full time job by then. all three events three/four times a week.

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