Wednesday, October 14, 2009


getting so ancy. gads. its EASIER to be running the 20 and 17 mile long run weekends than sitting around. never ever thought i would think this.

sit sit sit sit.



  1. Wear layers if you cannot anticipate how cold you will feel. I do not know how cold you are talking about. We run in minus WTF here - as in -30 to -40 degrees celcius and that, my friend, is snow suit weather. I usually find that at about 5-9 degress celcius I need my legs covered (light tights) and maybe heavier ones or a base layer if there is a cold wind. On top I may wear a long sleeve tech shirt with a short sleeve one over top and a wind layer if there is a cold wind. Your knees and legs behave differently when they get cold. You can always take a jacket off and tie it around your waist if it is too much. I try to start my races a bit chilly, knowling that the run will warm me up. But a full marathon is a long time to suffere if you are too cold. Too hot, you can always shed layers. Good luck!

  2. thanks! :-) i dont think it should go below -40 sunday. did get frostbit once at that temp though... :-)