Monday, August 3, 2009


well, went for a 15 mile run yesterday. i didn't feel up for it, but resa wanted to get in a longer run. about 3 miles in i thought about cutting it short. we met some friends on the trail and one of them drank some of my gaterade and then i really felt like cutting it short. but we plowed on. at about mile 6.5 i thought i should have turned around but we went to 7.5 and i had to walk the last 4 miles in a dizzy desparate mannor. i think i ran out of fuel and was having a bit of a rough morning on top of it. so i am going to do some looking into what to bring to eat - probably going to be gu or something similar. otherwise it was a great day :-)

havnt done a 15 mile run in about 5 years, i vaguely remember having more to eat/drink those times too. so a bit of a lesson.

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