Tuesday, August 11, 2009


went to the pool this tuesday morning. i am trying to relax a bit more while swimming. i can get across the pool in a hurry but cant do it very long. reminds me of the guys sprinting out to start a 10 mile run. i did about 10-15 laps of 50 meters each. so about 1/2 to 3/4 kilometer. not much! but each day i am going to try to extend what i swim. mostly stood around and thought about stuff. like where my arms entered the water. how my legs dangled. i ended up trying one of those leg sponges - totally lifted my legs and sent my head into the water - which is really good - i am going to use that more often to get the right angle in the water.

i should probably set some swimming distance goals. maybe one for amount swam in an hour and another for continuious swimming distance. the per hour would keep me working hard and the continuous would be a more accurate measure of how far i can get. nothing to important untill maybe january or february i am guessing. if i can just get the comfy thing figured i can probably take a few months extending my distance. just need to learn to swim first!

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