Wednesday, August 12, 2009


went on an 8 mile run tonight. the run went great... finally feel that i am recovered from the long runs the other weeks. still was a bit hard at first, but realized that we were going out too fast to start. after about 3 miles we backed off the pace and the last 5 were really good.

in other interesting news i found that i should not eat a gu before the run. i tried it last weekend and i think it helped me to bike better as i got some strength back after the hard run. today i ate one before starting. about mile 4-5 i started burping it up and my stomach felt like acid. this lasted about 2 hours after the run was over too. nasty. so i will probably save gu for the bike or just go with something else. we talked about what to eat over a 14 hour day. need about 200 cals per hour and you cant really miss too many hours or you are in trouble. soup and lasagna we have had good luck with in previous years.

also we both think we need new shoes. the ones we have on now are a few years old. eeek. might get some this weekend, also the shorts i run in now are much better than the old cotton ones. lighter. but they are too short and wad up in a ball under my uhhh... well. they wad up. so the longer ones i had the other week were much better, might get some more of those too.

off to bed, going swimming in the morning. watched the new video - lots of good stuff in that.

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