Monday, August 10, 2009

monday morning

last wednesday i still felt pretty gassed from the weekend run. we went biking and put in probably our fastest 40 miles in a few years. felt great until about 100 yards from the house. was a great ride. rode out to a small town called paris here in ohio.

sunday we went for an 8 mile run and i was still hurting i think from the previous week, but managed to stick it out. still need to find some recovery somewhere. this time we prestaged water and gatoraid about every 2-3 miles and we ended up drinking a ton of it. it was 94 degrees out and later went up to 99 on the bikes which we rode for 24 easy miles.

i am now completely convinced that the bike and run are two completely different muscles. should be obvious i know, but after the 8 mile run i was pretty dead. i ate a gu and a cliffbar and we hoped on the bikes and gads i was strong. felt great. i did feel that i ran out of energy about 2 hours into the ride so i am guessing the 350ish cals i got from the semi-food lasted 2 hours. going to do some research on that. also it seemed to take about 20-30 minutes to kick in.

this week we hope to actually ramp up the activities so monday is a rehydrate day. the tentative plan right now is tuesday sprint, wed medium length and sunday 15 on the trails. eek! :-)

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