Thursday, August 20, 2009


decided last minute to do a longer run. so we went to the towpath and ran 12 miles. we both had a good day, which happens about 40% of the time. usually one of us is a bit stronger. but last night it was pretty even. also picked up our pace a bit. or at least left it at the same level. running out is slightly uphill, you add about 15 feet of elevation per mile, but there are no hills. not sure if its in your head or not, but running home is for sure a lot easier. we were strong the whole way and came home for 9 hours of sleep after doing the leg chill and drinking a protein shake. carried some water and drank that half way out and back, at the far end point we got a banana and strawberry smoothie which was pretty darn good. also first run with the new shoes. not supper good, but they felt pretty comfy so i guess they are keepers.

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