Thursday, July 30, 2009


working on swimming this morning - got the dvd happy laps and waiting on freestyle swimming both from total immersion. the first dvd started out pretty beginner, how to stand in a pool. but at the end there are 7ish steps to follow float on back float this way and that. we have done the drills for 1-6 in the pool. the first 5 i found pretty easy. the last one i will do again next trip. which we plan is tomorrow. have our softball playoff game tonight - so we will see if we show up tomorrow or not.

we planned all along to just go this and that as far as working out goes until we are signed up. then its exactly a year ( minus a bunch of hours ) till the race. and thats the motivation to start getting really orginized.

well, today in the pool i swam and did the drills. resa can swim a lot better than me, she did a kilometer in probably 15-20 minutes. but said she was pretty tired at the end. i will work on my distance a bit tomorrow.

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