Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1st post


right now i am sitting at the computer and i am scared.

one month from now i am heading out to pinticton, canada to volunteer and sign up for the 2010 Canada Ironman. Fock!

fock fock fock.

whew. ok. not sure if i am going to send anyone the link to this stuff, maybe knowing my ego i am sure to send it out sometime. but for right now i am keeping it quite.

i am writing this to both look back at later and to also keep me motivated in just the smallest way.

i have never run an ironman before. or even a marathon. i have 13 months to get ready.

here is what i have done already. ( the wife - resa, and i decided about january to run the ironman )

ran about 4 half marathons and maybe 3 more 10 milers. biked 2 100 milers and maybe 6 more 50 milers. swam one time (today) for about a total distance of 1/2 kilometer. the race is 4 so i think this is my weak point. uh-hmmm.

we are signed up for the columbus marathon in about 3 months. so thats the short term goal. also i think running will help biking and some in the swimming when i get some form and need distance.

a year in the local olympic sized pool should get me ready to survive the swim. the biking is very hard in canada but the wife and i are bikers so we think we can do that part. the run... well. we are not runners but we will be at least able to do it by then.

if we train hard enough.

so here starts the log of training. so i dont slack off for a month or something.

we hope to do a long workout every weekend for the next 50 or so. rest on monday and then swim during the early hours of the week and bike when we can on weekends mostly. also set up the trainers in the living room for bikes. and get the treadmill set up too.


ready, set, go.


  1. 11 months later and going strong. wish i could go back and tell myself things would be going great almost a year later. :-)

  2. and... to wrap it up: you will do fine. now on to the second one!