Monday, December 28, 2009

half full :-))

so, got a few days away from the tiling thing. painted and did carpet for about 4 days. we went running on saturday - we wanted to try a faster run, so we did a 10 mile one.

we both had a great day - ran our fastest ever 10. felt great. only one water bottle stolen too! :-)

the new watch, a garmin 405cx went on it's first run. i need to make a lot of setup changes. it ran great for about 6 miles then for no FOCKING reason decided to chirp every time i moved my arm. two beeps for each step. once at the end of my arm swing and once at the beginning. beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. i ALMOST took it off and put it under a rock to pick up later. after about 3000 or so beeps i sorta got used to it. but GAWD it was annoying. did track my running though. i deleted the data, maybe i should have saved it from such a good run. but - i would probably only remember the beeping in the end.

what a good day.

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