Tuesday, December 8, 2009

you internet goofballs can keep your damn poop fairy!

well, still tired from the longish weekend. heck. long. i think there was a time about... oh, 12 months ago when 30 miles in a month would have been pretty good miles. now its a weekend.

we certainly are getting our distance up if not much on speed. but speed comes with the next phase of training which starts after the january run.

today i spent about 10 hours laying tile in our house here on the gulf. and it was pretty hard on my sore legs. spent the whole time kneeling over tiles and hardybacker. at the end of the day i was faced with the option of running. most of the day i was planning on doing the run, but as the hours wore on and it got harder to stand let alone walk i was leaning on putting it off. wasnt sure i could run at all.

so i went up stairs to the "reading room" and sat there for a bit. OH MY GOD! the poop fairy came out of the internet and pulverized me. i am betting very few people out there have lost about 40% of their body weight in one 2 minute period and lived. i nearly didnt.

after this i decided to go running. as the house was now a biological disaster area.

so i ran 3. and it was pretty tough as i was still gassed from tiles and miles. but done. after all, if you think you can, or you think you can't, either way you are probably right.

and. i shall utter not the P*** F**** words again, lest she be summoned and i be destroyed.

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