Wednesday, December 16, 2009

low five

just ran 5 and it was bad. well, the run was nice - the ken was bad. i just couldnt run very far before getting gassed.

my thoughts are either: 1 - it was the best ever 13 the other day, 2 - it was the first bike ride in months the other day ( hopefully not this as it will be all the time soon ) or... 3 - i am just gassed from doing 20 days of tiling. climbing stairs all day with materials and then spending hours on kneepads. wohooo boooo hooo hooo woe is me!

well, this weekend should be our peak weekend of running other than the goofy event itself for at least another year. planning on 13 and 25 miles. or about that. should be great fun. i am just going to recover til then.

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