Thursday, December 3, 2009

ten the hard way

still tired from the monster week last week. but there i was sitting there... looking at my new shoes. and they are looking back at me. WOOF! lets gooooo woof woof!

so i strap em on and run 10. gads i was dead for the first 3 miles. resa's mother dropped me off in town so i was stuck - i had to do the run. or i might not have. i was really sore for the first half hour, but it didnt so much as go away as just faded into that long run pain thats normal. so after about 3 miles i felt normal if not good and then i hit the gas a bit and ran a pretty fast next 6 miles. the last mile was as always a brain thing. is it done? is it?? isit isit?? isitiististiitisis??!?!? done??? but finally it was. :-)

the thing that really picked me up during the run was the blue angels. they are here in the gulf doing a show and they take VIPs up for a ride about 30 times a day. two planes just do circles over the town and the house. and i was running between them. so every 20 minutes or so i here the thunder noise and then the WHOOOSH as they go by right over head. they fly pretty low and make a ton of noise doing it too. so that was a good adrenaline boost.

and speaking of boosts - i didnt try the 5 hour energy this time. i think i will save it for half marathons and longer. also i was lax about taping my foot and of course paid for that with a blister. right foot is a disaster right now. the ankle is sore - as it has been for the last 3 months. the blister on my toe on that foot is still there, the nail is still black and now the ball of my foot is really sore there too. the left foot is at 100%. weird.

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