Tuesday, January 5, 2010

taper taper taper

worked last time - but it sure is a mind thingy. this taper stuff. not nearly has hard as the last one though... mostly has its not my first marathon anymore i think. also its more of a long workout weekend rather than anything special. but it is the end of a phase. the 3rd or 4. so after the race on the weekend we take a week or so off - meaning mostly just swimming and a lot of weight lifting. then its on to the 24 weeks of ironman training. hard to believe the race is this year. it was always next year. not no more.

ran a 10 last weekend. nothing really new. the watch has been told to be quite and i figured out how to download the data to the computer. so all set with that. also we ran a 6 mile run a few days ago - used the data to plot our route on the google earth program - pretty darn cool that. the pace thing is nice too. has us running a bit faster, running 9:55 miles is not much harder than 10:05 miles. but sure looks tons better on the watch!

well, wish us luck. 40 mile run in a few days.

also watched the Running the Sahara movie. pretty interesting. lots of drama. three pretty different personalities. the canadian guy was the best person of the three runners. the us guy was an asshole and the taiwan guy was pretty quite and probably had the worst run. they ran about 40 miles a day for 111 days. no days off. pretty insane.

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