Thursday, January 7, 2010

heading to florida

well, finally it is here. the trip to florida starts in a few hours and i am shutting down the computer till i get back next week.

the last 4 months or so were a build up to this weekend. not really an end to a workout, but the end of our base phase. we wanted to get our running up so that we could have longer workouts without getting dead. i think we did that. for sure i am in better shape now, running wise at least than i have ever been before in my life.

so, i would give the whole 4 months a 9 on the ten scale. had some pretty rough days in there, but all in all it did about what i was hoping it would. i guess my only thought was i was thinking i would be about 10 pounds lighter. i think i drink too many calories! well, thats going to get addressed in the next couple weeks as we turn our attention to the big one in canada in the fall. creeps me out just thinking about it. :-)

for this weekend, our goals were to run the half in about 2:20 and the full in about 5:10ish. once again i had to spend the last few days doing the last of the tile work here in alabama, and i think i probably pissed away those times by doing it. really kinda hard on me mentally knowing i am taking minutes off my time for every hour i spend on my knees doing the tiles. but they are done now, and someone else can come down and do the next project when it comes up. there are 4 of us working on stuff, and this time was my turn to spend a few months here. probably wont do that again for 5 or more years. hopefully!

but, resa is still hopeful for our best ever half and i will go as hard and long as i can to get it too. just... ah.. just thinking maybe i missed it this time. well, its only another training run. :-)

my thoughts now are 2:30 and 5:30 for me. i think i can swing that even with trashed legs. so thats the prediction if not the goal.

see all you guys on the other side. 2 weeks off then the ironman 2 a days start and i should have a whole new set of drama for you. :-)

- ken, done with stage 3 of 4.

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  1. hey there!

    you were asking about p90x...well as a former gym rat, i would say i have pretty good knowledge on strength training programs. this one i really like because he focuses on a couple body parts at a time, and he keeps things mixed up. if i were in a gym i likely wouldn't do 45 minutes of strength on two body parts...but with these DVDs you do, because there is variety. which i like. also, for those tryng to lose weight the DVDs offer variety by implementing strength, cardio, and plyometrics. muscle confusion is a necessity in getting your body to drop weight. this set of DVDs offers that. the lead guy, tony, he's a bit dorky, but enthusiastic. anyways, i think it's a good product and would recommend it. oh, the other thing is you don't need a lot of workout gear. you can slowly get stuff as you find you need it.

    hope that helps!

    good luck on your upcoming races. i hope you achieve all you set out!