Monday, November 23, 2009


feeling much better health wise. finally. :-)

dead in the legs as we ran 12 on saturday and another 12 on sunday. both at very good times for us. both at under 2:20 halfs. which would be PB for us. whew - was tricky the second day though. did the soak the legs and massage thing. seems to help - but they are pretty dead - just what i was hoping for last weekend.

need to be more relaxed on the run - i think i burn up too much energy with the tight body. need to be more sloppy i guess.

hoping to run run run over the next month and get it down to 10 mins/mile for 13 miles.

goofy is calling us - it sure is a tough one.

in other news i am heading down to alabama for the next 2 months. so should be some different run courses and hopefully the pool is open. probably something in town though - should be ok.

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