Thursday, September 17, 2009

weekend move

well, we are moving the stuff out of our ann arbor house down to canton ohio this weekend.

on saturday we ran 17 miles. so that was a longest ever north american distance for us. i would say afterwards that running the poto trail is a lot harder, and about 2 miles shorter. but all in all this wasnt easy as it was mostly hills running around brighton lake 2 times. we ran the first loop in about 104 minutes. the second loop we were tired and kinda died, took 105 minutes. pretty amazing that the pace stayed consistent. we didnt wear watches so we only found out when we got back to the car each time around. was feeling pretty gassed after that. but we staged water on the route and stopped to drink that at a few places. i think i am behind the staggering crashed events. hopefully. resa has some stomach issues with the food as we run and i felt pretty good with the eating. just need some more interesting things to eat i think. maybe a box of donuts at mile 15 would be good. :-)

tuesday i ran around the block one last time. its about 4.5 miles around. did it pretty quick, but my legs felt dead.

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