Sunday, September 20, 2009

long and hard.

just the way resa likes it... long and hard. 20 miles of the nasty today. kinda gassed right now, but we did our long run today. might have done it a week early as last week was 17 and i dont think we were recovered from that yet. but done. pace was all over the board... fast and slow.

didnt learn all that much from it. the body glide i put on my chest probably needs to go under my arms a bit too. but really, nothing at all serious there. the bloody toe felt great with a kleenex wrapped around it - so that was also an easy and quick fix. ran out of water a bit on this one. kinda medium severe i would call it. i give myself a running feeling of 7 when it was going well to about a 3 when we were gassed. neither number near an extreme. never great never devastated. probably another week's rest would have made this much easier, but we didnt ever plan on today being good. so we got what we deserved. :-)

one big positive is that i think we can both 'gut' it out a lot longer now. we started feeling pretty bad about 6 miles from the end and still managed to get it done. again greg lemond's not getting easier but getting faster or at least stronger. so all in all we were pretty happy with the day.

tomorrow off then pool day on tuesday. hoping to up the long swim portion of the workout. hopefully with my more relaxed swim style i can get it up a bit. :-)

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