Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Laps

well, again a good day at the pool. really good. they subdivided the pool into either a 33 yard or a 25 yard area. we ended up in the 33 yard section - which is nice - less turning around. but its longer than i have done before. weird. when i thought i was at the end, nope, still lots left. but i got used to that after about 10 minutes. still did the easy return on the arms. also used the floaty bob thing for my legs. its cheating, but, eh. i figure i will use that for a few more months, maybe even a half a year more - just to get my arms into good shape and my distance up. then i can drop the floaty thing and go with just swimming. maybe the wetsuit will be the floaty thing during the event.

well, again i concentrated on keeping my head down and arms forward and return easy and arms out a bit and breathing and ... well, i did one of those at a time, so its still far from being good in the water but... but! but i did spend a lot of time on the easy recovery and pulled off swims of 400 and then 500 yards. personal bests! and!!! i wasn't even out of breath at the end of the 500 yard one. just stopped because resa had to get to work. this is really huge. next time i will see if i can get in a mile. also i will see what kinda pace i have for that distance. that will be a big number. if its less than 45 minutes i think i am golden. otherwise... well, not sure i can even keep my arms going that long, so i will get to a mile first then worry about speed.

good day in the pool. :-)

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