Sunday, May 2, 2010

week 7 done

well, that was the hard week in this series. next week, #8 is an easy week.

probably all to the good - i am accumulating injuries right now. woke up fine but in rapid order today i got a sore lower back, sore upper back ( this has been off and on for a few weeks ) and also the worst is a sore right ankle. this came on at mile 8 today and its killing me now. boo hoo. :-)

but tomorrow is off and then the next 4 days are easy. then the weekend has us riding 200 miles so that should be a lot of fun.

well, after another week of playing with the pills i have come to conclude the cordygen5 is not at all for me. the resa might try it now and then she says - but i am done for good with it. just made me too sick all the time. the carnage looks like a good one though. i have for sure noticed a big difference in my stamina. i can run a bit faster than before and not be out of breath at all. not to make it sound easy. i still have to do all the running and the tiredness afterward is probably even more than before as you can push harder. but, even if there were no speed increase i would be happy about the carnage because i dont have to breath so hard now.

the last 3 days were pretty tough. we had to make up a missed day from resa's school. also the week is bumped up quite a bit. the rides are now a lot harder. the weekend ride went from 1 hour to 3 hours this week. so friday we biked hills for 1.5 hours and then ran an hour with sprints. saturday we biked 36 miles at max. was pretty dead after that. and today we ran 9 miles. also during those 3 days we had our longest and second longest swims lifetime. the second longest was all sprints. i am getting a lot better in the pool. this weekend we are going to get our wetsuits. should be fun panic attacks out in the lake later in the months ahead! finally feel at home in the water.

i think my back is going to be fine but my foot has me really worried right now. would suck if that was a long term injury.

also a bit gassed from this week. the first 5-6 weeks we added or double the weekend workouts from feeling they were too lame. not no more. we are still doing more on the weekends than the book calls for, but not by 100% any more. now its like 25% more. :-) well, this weekend will be about 15 hours of biking so that should get us back into the silly numbers again.

otherwise nothing new, just the foot from today and the ongoing pills testing.

so... this weeks scores are:

mental: 8.5 - kinda waffled between how i feel things are going: 9 and the fact that my foot is messed up - 8. if my foot was ok i would be pretty pleased right now.

physical: 7 - more tired than any time yet. and the foot. but i dont feel i am anywhere near crashing. next weeks score might be a 4,5 we should be pretty cooked after the bike with some running in there too.

workouts: 9 - did them all, did them pretty fast and strong. we planned on upping the weekend run today from 9 to 12ish but ran out of time.

good week. all in all very happy right now. :-)

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  1. Hey! I loved your biking cue of "pedal downhill." That one is a keeper!! Thanks! :) :)

    Sounds like you had an amazing week this week!