Monday, May 17, 2010

new bike?

did a pretty normal week. had some trouble in the water. right out of nowhere too. my swimming i think has been going great. but i have been using the pull buoy to keep me more flat in the water. well, for the last few weeks i have been cutting parts of it off to get me to swim without it long term. i must have cut a bit too much last time as the last two swims were pretty brutal. might be that my arms are just tired though. i was hoping to get through the swim without using my legs too much. just a little flutter now and then, save them for the biking and running. it has sorta worked, but now i am hoping the wetsuit acts like a pull buoy!

in other news i ordered a new bike. it hopefully shows up in the next few days. it is a road bike, not a time trial bike. we figured we would want to use the bikes for the next 10 years, so that's why the roadies. they look great on paper. 10 pounds lighter, better gearing, 10 years newer. my sister got one a few days ago too - and easily outclimbed us on a tough hill. and on her old bike it was the other way around. so we are really looking forward to the new ones.

did a mini tri yesterday. we swam 2800, rode 30 and ran 8. was pretty tired after that. :-) then we cleaned the parrot cages and the car out. got it all done about bedtime.

this next week is supposed to be another in the build phase but we are turning it into a semi tapering week. on friday night we have a triathlon. its a huge 250m swim, 5 mile grueling bike and then a run to you drop 1 mile. then, no rest for us because the next morning is an olympic sized triathlon. be only my second of those and first in 10 years. and! since that sounds like fun there is another one that night. so two olympics in one day. should get us to bed pretty early on saturday. which would be good as there is a half ironman on sunday.

kinda hoping both my wetsuit and bike show up this week. ;-)

next week should be the longest entry ever as i have 4 races to tell you about. well, hopefully 4, we might get trashed too bad to do them all. but we should learn a lot. its called the ohio triple T. also i think we will both be glad to have that weekend behind us. its been out there for about 2 months nagging at us. we have spent a lot of mental time on it. after that we have nothing planned as far as signing up for a race until the ironman. also resa is now out of school for the summer and we look forward to a lot of relaxed weeks.

ok, scores.

mentally: 8 - nervous about the coming week. had a good day yesterday after a really rough start in the swim. i guess i would call my mental state somewhat fragile. ;-) i feel that this coming weekend which we should have tapered a few weeks for will be a huge indicator of my ability to handle big stress. will be my first time in a pond in a wetsuit since scuba class. so i can see me being a 2 or a 10 next monday.

physically: 8 - bit worn down but making a slow recovery. my weight is at 192 about 5-7 above what i think it should be in 3 months, so that's pretty good. nothing hurts for the first time in a few weeks. achy everywhere, but no pain anywhere. glad its a rest day!

workouts: 8 - did all the workouts last week, the sprints are just killing me in the morning, the resa has it a lot easier with the big gaspy breaths than i do. but! our cruising speed has gone from 11:00 per mile to about 10:00 mile in the last few months. also we set our personal best ever pace for 3 miles at under 8:45. so that is big improvement.

so, pretty wrapped up in the coming weekend. we wont do all that well we know, we are run down a bit now and this is pretty tough stuff coming up. but! we are going for the experience, hopefully we get a year's worth of ideas and tips over a weekend.

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  1. TWO Olympics in the same day???? WTF?!?!?! You are crazy, my friend!!! There is NO WAY I would ever do that -- no way. I am terrified just reading about it. Hahahahaha!!!

    Can't wait to read your race....errr...races reports!! :) :) :)