Wednesday, May 26, 2010


new bike rocks!

wow. better gearing, lighter, better control, more gears, stiffer, faster! its carbon fiber, doesnt rattle, has ultegra most everywhere. long crank, 12-27 in the back... pretty good wheels, nothing huge there - might be next year before i get the $1000 wheels. needs aerobars.

took out my new bike, which i thought to name "Nasty Bish" but now i am not so sure... name just doesnt fit so well any more. might re-think that.

so! normally i dont write mid-week, but wow!

ok ok ok... so, i did the long hill rides over the weekend and my legs were a bit tired, and, like i said earlier for some reason i am recovering better now ( beta-alanine ) ahem.

so, so... so we go riding! weeee... resa hasnt got her new bike yet so it was me first time on the new one and her on her bike. and we go out about 20ish miles and she gets a flat. and for the first time in about 30 or so rides its the front. totally amazing to both of us. we were standing on the side of the road and you know the old Candid Camera skits where they would set up something funny and get people's odd reactions on film? well, we are standing there staring at the flat FRONT tire and we are looking around a bit like someone must be filming this. i think the original tube was still in the front tire from about 10 years ago. so there we are staring at it. and we start laughing about it a bit. first time for everything i guess. an average ride for us has one flat, but its always the rear wheels with the chain and gears and pain in the butt.

so off comes the front tire and and its totally flat. i pull out a spare tube and reach for the FOCKING BIKE PUMP IS ON MY OLD BIKE!


"Heya, Resa, you want to ride my bike back to the car?"

"No way i am riding to the car because you forgot the pump."


"Enjoy the ride sweety sweety."

so off i ride.

and on the way out we rode pretty slow as we were both a little tight and sore and just wanted to check out the new bike.

not no more.

i decide to see what i can do on the new bike.

it doesnt have the aerobars on it yet. so i was up in the wind as i hate the drops. and its not really set up yet. i just put the crap on it that afternoon, so its a bit un-comfy. also i was riding 15 miles up hill to the car. and on dirt roads that were sometimes gravel. and i went about 3-4 mph faster than we would have together. not sure if it was just me being all hyped up, but riding 20mph in the dark on a forest uphill dirt road not set up was amazing to me.

now i need a name for the black and blue bike.


and! thanks for the responses on the eating thingy. its a mystery to us for sure. but we will get it figured.

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