Sunday, February 28, 2010

Marching Forward

just finished a pretty tough weekend. the times are not so impressive. about 3 hours yesterday and maybe 4ish today. but the intensity was pretty good. ran the stairs and did the bike/run thing while watching vids. very tired right now. we are kinda new to the heavy effort in bursts for that long. the vid says go from about a 3 to a 10 and back to a 3 and then to 10 and over and over for 4 hours.

its a different kinda of tired. the long runs where we go for 5 hours and just plod along are different, harder to recover from it seems. maybe you go so long that you hmmm... go past the improving part and into just running down. sprints and recovery for 4 hours though - i feel like my legs are not nearly as gassed, but at the time i feel a lot worse. maybe thats it. its the difference hurting while doing and hurting after.

mentally i feel its good too. an hour to go and you just feel totally spent, but you know there is another hour of sprints and you just have to find a way to keep yourself in it. i really feel that having resa around makes all the difference. i am not sure i would push as hard for as long. i could see either, the long or the hard. but not both.

well, its about march, a few hours from it anyway. hopefully its in like a lion and out like a lamb.

hopefully i am the opposite. :-)

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