Monday, February 22, 2010


so we had our first fairly hard weekend. both days we went a few hours at high intensity. i would say - and so did resa that it was probably the hardest three hours we have ever done yesterday. not that anyone should be too impressed by that. its probably not harder than anything anyone else that reads this has done.

during our marathon training we either did short fast days or long slow ones. sometimes ( rarely ) we would do medium fast days. but we either went to the track or stairs or ran over 12 miles. not much between.

on both days over the weekend we went to about as hard as we could and stayed there for 2.5 hours on saturday and 3.5 hours yesterday.

something kinda mentally tricky about being gassed about an hour in and knowing there is no end in sight. watched the old Point Break movie on sunday - the first skydive scene is one of the greatest movie moments for me.

but mondays are off. :-)

so veryvery glad to be back at it with bad intentions.

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