Tuesday, January 18, 2011


hey, this is post 100. :-D

I AM HUUUUGGGEE!!! eeek. about 15 pounds over what i was at ironman. but! let me asplain a bit. i am about what i was at this time last year and looking at my weight lifting numbers i am stronger than last year. so i guess all is not bad.

started cutting back on the junk food though - making a run at the martian marathon in a few months. need to lose ten pounds in ten weeks.

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  1. been a long time since i looked at this, sorry, but you guys are awesome!!! Saw the schedule for 2011 - may be able to join you for a few things anyway, no running - damn ankle but we'll see. Too bad I didn't see you were in the D for the marathon, friend and I did the half (walking of course 3'20" I think - not bad for not training at all)Hope all is well with you kids!