Sunday, October 31, 2010


ok - the next year is kinda set up...

Eric – walking another couple of halfs, maybe run a quarter.

Tummel, D-Willi – just riding around town

Clark, Mike M, Rick, Jeeva – running a full, or several half marathons.

Mike Skibby, Maria – trying a half iron.

Dave, Nic, Brook, Bruce – doing some half ironmans ( all you are faster and stronger already than us – so consider upgrading! )

Sheila, Cpad – getting ready for Ironman Wisconsin

Mark, Amy, Ken, Resa, Tammy, Ron, Julie, Sheila? – worlds hardest ironman – the Las Vegas Silverman Death Ride. Fock!!! – if this don’t make your booty move, your booty must be dead!!!

Now, watch a video and then return to reading.

In January of 2009 the Resa and I decided to get in shape to run an ironman race. 2009 was about getting up from about a five mile run to doing a marathon later in the year. 2010 was mostly about getting ready to do the Canadian Ironman. We did meet our goals of finishing those things. But not much more than that… This next year is about getting a bit faster at what we are doing. Stronger, faster, lighter more!

So, year 2 of our 6 year plan to become Old Athletes is now coming to a close. The rest of the year – November, December and January will be spent inside mostly. P90X workout to get our core and muscles stronger. Stationary bike and some outside runs. Maybe back to the pool now and then randomly.

2011 is going to be a busy year ( as was this year ).

The only reason I got out of bed most mornings to workout was that I was too worried I would not finish the ironman if I didn’t – and I was right. I think now I could just show up and finish so a lot of that fear is gone. To bring back the fear we have ramped up our races / events for next year.

Sending this e-mail out because several of you wanted to know what the plan for next year was – to walk a half marathon where we are running a full one. Or to do the ironman we are doing in about half the time. The plan is not for you guys to do what we do, but to be there doing what you do when we are. ( if that makes sense! )

Another video for all of you to see… then back to the email:

So! Here is our current 2011 schedule of events:

March 22: The Martian Marathon, you can dress up as marvin the martian. They have full and half distance runs/walks. Dearborn to Northville and back: triple T (4 triathlons in a weekend) is also this weekend – if we get super motivated. But plan on the Martian.

April 23: on site in Wisconsin riding the course – plan on a “lazy” full ironman.

May 7-8: TOSRV 50th anniversary 200 mile ride. 100 out and 100 back ( plus 10 bonus miles ) Columbus to the river down south and back:

May 14-15: Towpath Century: Ohio – Cleveland to about Canton, ohio and back I think – it’s a very easy bike ride for charity.

May 20-30: on site in Texas to volunteer so we can sign up for the 2012 Texas Ironman. Texas in almost June. Probably be chilly. plan on doing a “lazy” full ironman.

June 11: Michigan Mayhem: hill climbing event. You ride up and down steep hills for 15 hours. Going to need it for vegas!

July Sometime: Blue Ridge mountains for biking and run training. Probably be a 3-7 days – so come on out.

August 14: Benton Harbor ½ Ironman:

A: Sept 11: Wisconsin Ironman ( 10 year anniversary of the world trade center thingy ) ( sold out – but come cheer us on!!! )

Sept 17: Savageman ½ or ¼ :-) should be a bit gassed from the ironman a week before – so this very challenging half should be good for a lot of tears. If you don’t put your foot down on the bike you get a brick with your name on it. so get super climber gears and practice going back and forth across the road. Comes with TDF devil:

Oct 16: Columbus Marathon:

A+: Nov 5th: the Las Vegas Worlds Hardest Ironman. The bike portion is seriously unfinishable. But if you can do it under the time limit ( 1% chance ) then the run is also unfinishable. Should be great fun! we are signing up for this motherscratcher in about 3 weeks. How hard could it be? At least the temps should be under 100… ( if not the windspeed )

Also non-event weekends we will be running and biking some fun rides around Canton. So if you would just like to come over for some fun… send us a note!

And a last one to watch :-D :

Let us know which ones you guys would like to meet up for… :-)

“You only get one life, but if you play it right… it’s enough.” Joe Louis.

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