Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Real World

so i think i have changed a bit swimming, when i started ( all of a year ago ) i kept my head above water way too much... i think it was always.

but now i try to keep my head in the water as much as possible. the big change is of course that i am spending i would guess 75% or so of the time looking under water rather than the spinning world as i turn my head sideways for air.

seems like now the real world is underwater and the odd place is the air. pretty nice change!



  1. Jeepers!! :) :) You are turning into a fish!! YAY!!

    I have a funny story to share with you -- my partner, Mike, was in the army for 4 years. When he first enlisted, he had to complete all sorts of physical tests to gauge his fitness...

    Well, one was a 25m swim test. He had no idea how to swim (still doesn't) but jumped in the pool with everyone else...

    Now my Mike is broad shouldered and strong -- a naturally muscular guy. He said when they started swimming, he just spun his arms through the water and his chest was bouncing off the water like he was a boat. LMAO!!!!

    His time was so fast he was put in the advanced class....that was until the moment the instructor actually SAW how Mike had *swum*. LMAO!!!! Then he was sent back to the beginners. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. lol! that kinda happened to me too. i was in high school - back in the 40s i think it was, and we had to do the same thing. so i got in. held my breath and swang my arms as fast as i could because i was scared to breath. won the race and never got in the pool again until last year. but i was "That Swimming Jock" to most of the people my senior year!

    your buddy coming up to canada!? the resa, me, sheila, mom and mark should all be there with us. everyone but mom is racing too. :-)

    mark may even be able to hang with you a bit...