Sunday, April 18, 2010

week 5

yeoch. got tough all of a sudden. we blew off a bike ride earlier in the week because of resa's school, and made it up today with a bit of a mini tri. we rode about an hour and a half, ran about 6 miles and did our longest ever swim. it was a pretty relaxed swim, well, we were kinda tired so it was relaxed because we didn't have a lot of gas left. but i set a new all time distance record at 2300 meters. did it in 55ish minutes. which i think works out to about 1 hour and 30 minutes on the triathlon day. which would be a lot faster than i thought it would be about 5 months ago.

trying not to get too excited about that yet as i also have my first scary injury in about a year. i dislocated my right shoulder about a 10 years ago playing hockey. i managed to wrench it back in, but i missed a shift so i felt kinda lame about it. then over the next 3 years i had it come out about 7ish times. at the end it came out so easily i decided to get surgery to fix it. which worked and i have had no trouble with it for 7 years. until thursday. it feels like its coming out of the socket when i reach out with my right arm as i breathe to the left. so only once in a while, but gads its scary right now. i sure don't want more surgery. well, more weights and some thinking about what i am doing in the pool should help that.

in other news i have been reading some websites on sports nutrition and vitamins. wrote someone there and they referred me to one of the top triathletes in canada. this guy said to take your vitamins and also something else called beta-alanine. so i ordered that, it is supposed to keep your muscles from wearing down too much due to lactic acid burning. well... ???? i should be able to tell if that's helpful or not within a month. let you know how that all works out.

and this week should be one of the more difficult weeks we get this summer. probably the 4th most difficult. running a trail marathon on sunday. should absolutely destroy us, especially because rather than taper for it - we are going to be doing a pretty tough week anyway first.

also, we hope to get our wetsuits on saturday.


workouts: 9, about an 8 on results, but we did them all and felt hungry about it, so that alone bumps it to 9 on results. great if tiring week. :-)

mental: 7, really bummed about my shoulder. this would totally suck if i have a problem with that, i would be swimming one armed. nasty.

physically: 8, pretty tired but not all that bad. no other injuries, sore spots or problems. other than shoulder i am better off than last week.

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