Monday, April 12, 2010

Off week.

last week was an off week. didnt feel we needed it going into the week - but after a few easy days we started feeling better. so i guess we did. to make it an even easier week we did the level 1 workout week by mistake. so it really was an easy week.

being kinda a lame week i dont really have much to report on it. the weekend was pretty fun, we bumped the 1 hour bike and 1 hour run up a bit to about 4 hours biking and about 3 hours running, but otherwise nothing all that extreme.

in other news i need new equipment. everything is falling apart right now. the bikes need a lot of work, both our mountain bikes are pretty much un-rideable and sheila's broke the de-railer off completely. need bike gloves and some new bike shorts that everyone seems to use for the tri's. saw some people riding around with them yesterday - looked like something i could run in too. could use some new bikes too! :-)

also time to get our wetsuits. thinking to get something pretty thick with long sleeves so i dont freeze up in canada. my swimsuits are pretty worn out, need those and my goggles are so clouded up and scratched they could be replaced.

on the running i am thinking of getting a hat to run with, did that for the first time ever yesterday and i liked it. i hate running with glasses on, bouncing, fogging and irritating. but the hat was pretty good. shoes seem good. about 5 years ago i bought 6 pairs of running underwear, over the years i have thrown out about 3 of them, saturday another one ripped up and the last two have holes and are pretty thin, so i need those too.

this getting in shape thing is expensive!

back to the grindstone tomorrow...

weekly scores:

mentally i give me a 9. some lingering worries about maybe not getting in good enough shape by race day, but my confidence has gone up lately. the swimming is getting better. i think i swam a mile in 30 some minutes saturday. so thats for the good. i think my running is pretty poor and biking about average. so... more running over the next few months. :-)

physically a 9 too. a bit sore from the bonus workouts on the weekend. but seriously a one hour foundation bike ride is just too lame.

workouts i give me a strong 9. no blowups. ran ten yesterday if not really strong, then at least pretty good with 10.5 pace ( for us thats very good - with out super goal at 10min pace ) kinda blew off some of the stuff, did it all but didnt go all out a couple of days.

things seem pretty darn good right now. got some challenges coming up. trail marathon in 12 days.

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