Monday, March 22, 2010

Week One Done

well, we got this book. called essential week by weak training guide.


well, they suggest working out all day every day. actually we got to pick from level 1 to about level 12 or so. and the level 12 does look like its for pros as a recovery day is a half marathon run. so we bumped it down a few notches and went with level 3. almost went with 6, but we dont know how many two a days we can fit in with the resa going to school most nights and homework and all. but on the weekends we decided to increase or about double the amount of the runs and bikes.

just finished the first week of the training. went pretty good i thought. we did all of the workouts. its a lot different than what we have done for the last year. basically we tried to get from a max of 5 miles run in a day to a marathon in the late fall. we did that, if not to the speed we hoped for, at least for the training runs we were in much better shape after 8 months of running. also started the swimming as you all know. went from once across the pool to a mile swim in 8 months.

well, anyway, the book doesnt just have you run 10 miles or 3 miles. you always mix it up with some sprints or some other odd human tricks. swimming especially is a set of about 8 different things you do. swim with closed fists, one hand up your butt. that sorta thing. and it has really helped me. which i didnt expect. yesterday we were to run 5 miles and went 10, then the next morning was swimmies. i think my form is actually a bunch better. i can now keep up with the resa on swimming and am actually having fun doing the drills. oddly i have a nasty ear ache though, so if any of you swimmers know about this... please let me know what you think.

good first week. today is monday and is the only day off. next week starts tomorrow and is about the same if just slightly harder than the first week. so far its pretty easy. but everyday is different. we probably only ran 3-4 times a week and swam once every other week up to this point. already rode more bike miles last week than the whole year and swam more too.

right now i am pretty happy. somewhat nervous that the plan is too hard and too easy. each day is easier than i like, and the working out everyday is harder than i like. so we shall see how this works out. :-)

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