Wednesday, September 15, 2010


tried to sign up for Ironman Wisconsin on monday. but the site crashed and i was tossed out.


so did it again about 30 minutes ago when they fixed the site.


Doing it again. ( till we get it right! )

Ford Focking Iron Focking Man Wisconsin. 9-11-11

Thanks for all the great comments everyone on the last writeup. this year i dont think i will go into the sweaty details as much. but it sure is a great way to be able to go back and remember events. so - who knows, you might get to read way too much again!

Of course Sheila and the Resa are doing it again too. Mark is taking 2 years off to pay for grad school, by the time he gets out he will be too old to keep up with us.

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  1. Good job on finding another one to do...i have heard great things about wisconsin!! Sweet race report and a great race Ken!