Friday, August 20, 2010

Loading up, heading out - and a surprise.

well, time to get the teenagers, mice and dust out of the RV. we are hitting the road again! same as last year, just drive about 3000 hours and ta-da, Canada!

See you guys on the other side, this is going to be the last entry "pre-ironman attempt".

i dont feel like i am much better shape, i think i am, and i know the numbers say i am. but just sitting here i feel pretty un-super. :-) but the resa had a good point the other day. rather than getting our second wind after being too tired to go on we now get fifth, sixth and seventh winds. sure makes me smile.

I guess i am finally out of words or thoughts on the whole thing. :-) just a HUGE thank you to Theresa. my best friend. well, let me re-write that. rather than a thank you, i am thankful. yes, that's it.


today she invited me to lunch. no biggie we meet for lunch about once a week or so. i show up and we sit down and at the table she has the printout for next years ironman races.

she starts looking over the list. "Okay Ken, you got to pick the last one..."

i pretty much teared up there. as i had no idea it was coming.

"Oh, come on." she is staring at me. "ok, ok, ok geeze what a pain you are. we can BOTH pick one."


  1. :) :) :) :) :) :)

    Gonna try and meet you out there, guy!!!!!!!!!

  2. does that mean you are doing 2 next year??
    i will call ya when i get out there!