Monday, July 12, 2010

under 50

well, there are 46 years gone in my life and 46 days till the event. uh... well, i guess thats pretty interesting. hmm... ok.

"Are you hurt or injured?"
"Are you hurt or are you injured?"
"What is the difference?"
"Well, if you are injured you cant play anymore and i have to take you out of the game and send you to the showers. If you are hurt, you keep playing."
"Uh, hurt i guess."

we had a harder week, but it went really well. some parts hurt... the weekdays were pretty much the usual, biked 2 hours on tuesday and another 2 on thursday. the run/swim days were again as about usual, with 3 hours wed and just the run friday.

the weekend had us biking a long one on saturday, but first we had to make up the swim. so we swam the drill set and then got out and did the 5 hour bike ride. we rode up towards cleveland and back. we found a new trail called the emerald necklace or something ( kinda sounds like a porn site?? ) well, anyway we rode the emerald. it is a long straightaway ( well, a twisty one ) so a long twistyway between two loops. the top loop is just part of the trail but the lower loop is still kinda in the building phase and you have to ride down some streets and through neighborhoods, hop over fences and ride on rooftops. we got lost about 23 times in this lower loop section. and to do it the next time i think there is not much chance we will pull it off without getting lost again at least 5 times. but we did a lot of backtracking and asking people were we were and in the end almost enjoyed that section. the rest was awesome though. better than the tow path, - well, actually i would say they are both great. the emerald is a bit faster paced. the towpath has more baby strollers and tourists - also it has more dirt sections. so now we have two fun trails. :-)

again we went with another "BIG FOOD" ride. we ate and ate, resa was thinking we *gained* weight on the ride. that watching TV would have been healthier! but boy did we feel great afterwards. again a long ride and i was totally ready to run a long way. felt awesome. so, after the bike we decided to get a walk in. we hiked another 2 hours - which was harder than the bike as the hills were very steep. more like we scrambled 2 hours.

baby got new shoes! and the resa tried out some new bike shoes for the ride. she said they were a big improvement over her old ones. looks like her knees are better too. which had us scared for a few weeks there. she is as strong as ever, if a little more sore than a few months ago.

sunday had us swim 3400 in the pool, longest swim yet, but 4000s are coming. we did it in about 1:20. so thats again on line with our 1:30 triathlon swim. erg, i am so ready to do that swim now. thats the only event we have a pretty good feeling on time. 1:30 - 1:45 seems pretty much what we should get. the bike could be anything from 6:00 to dnf. well, dnf if we wipe out. i would say 6-7:30 is possible. and the run is pretty much going to be i would guess 6:00-7:00 also. getting us home just before we turn into pumpkins! well, after the swim we went on the run. did a half marathon. and pretty slow too! was really hot out again with the 90 degree heat. i think though that i can handle heat but not sun for some lame reason. i would much rather have shady 90 than sunny 80. hmmm following that logic i would bet i would REALLY like shady 65. hmm.... yeah. :-) well, i had a bit of a better run than i was thinking i would. we got the first 10 miles done in about 104 minutes - which is very fast for us. but died on the last three and pretty much walked/trotted it in from there. i think we still need to up our food and water on the run.

also there has been a bit of talk about swimming and running together, which would be fine with us. especially the run, we could help some of you people out maybe - keep the pace up. but i tell you now, and i am as serious as a cat in a microwave, if you cant keep a 16-18min mile pace up we will have to drop you, we cant afford to miss our expected run split of 10 hours... ;-)


mentally: 10 - fixed a lot of stuff in the last 2 weeks, knees, food, bikes stuff - all of which makes me feel better about it all. plus in the really hard weeks now in the heat and we are stronger than a month ago when it was easy.

physically: 9 - almost a ten, i feel a bit weaker on the swim now. i think my arms need a recovery, but the book calls for what i feel is overtraining the swim ( its just your arms - so no biggie ), undertraining the run ( dont get hurt ) and about right on the bike ( the most import leg ). nothing injured.

workouts: 9 - we still have "wandering workouts" that we have to scramble to make up somewhere. but we did them all and did them strong.

one hard week down, two to go!


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  2. EEEK! long story - most of it pretty funny. actually a short funny story.